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MKII  Fast Seasickness Relief Headset.  $1995 USD

MKII Fast Seasickness Relief Headset. $1995 USD

  • Professional IP67 waterproof case

  • See-LEVEL Modified Virtual Reality Headset, 4k screen

  • Sun Protector 

  • USB Charger with lead

  • User instructions

  • Branding options available

  • 12 month return to dealer warranty
    Please note: Prices are shown in USD

Color: White

    The See-LEVEL Companion Edition alleviates seasickness, fast, through the power of virtual reality.

    Developed in New Zealand and tested in Antarctic waters, it offers proven relief in minutes.

    The See-LEVEL Companion is easy and intuitive to use. Once seasickness has subsided (usually in less than 10 minutes) you’re free to remove the headset and enjoy the boat again.

    Small, lightweight, portable. Provides up to two hours of treatment on a single charge. Ideal for day trips or shorter journeys


    Exchange 12 month warranty for phisical defects for items shipped to New Zealand and Austrailia. Return to base international warranty




    All international shipping available

  • Disclaimer

    Disclaimer: (1) The See–LEVEL product is not a medical device or treatment. (2) Results and effectiveness of the  See-LEVEL product may vary from end user to end user and will be subject to a variety of factors, including but not limited to, the use or consumption by the end user of medicines and pre-existing medical conditions of the end user. (3) See Level Limited (including Motion Research Limited,  its directors, agents and employees) does not give any warranty, make any representation or furnish any guarantee to end users in respect of See – Level product, its use and its effectiveness. (4) The See Level product must be used strictly in accordance with end user directions and recommendations. (5) The end user indemnifies and holds harmless See Level Limited (including Motion Research Limited,  its directors, agents and employees) from any direct, indirect, special and / or consequential damages or losses (of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising, whether in tort, contract or otherwise) arising from the use of the See  - Level product”.

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