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Companion Edition
Seasick relief VR headset Testimonials

How the data was collected

The testimonials presented below are all from people who experienced seasickness and used See-LEVEL for relief. We have actively asked customers and volunteers for their experiences.

All feedback presented in this document was verified by either an observer on board (in the case of sea trials) or professionals who witnessed their recovery (commonly, ships medical officers). There are several testimonials included by satisfied clients who have purchased See-LEVEL for their own private or corporate vessels.

See-Level Ltd has conducted many trials and evaluations over the last 36 months and collected a large amount of data from many vessels operating in different parts of the world.

Any negative or neutral feedback has been analyzed in order to understand why See-LEVEL did not work in that particular situation. The trends in situations where See-LEVEL has been less effective appear to be largely related to the sufferer’s state of mind. We believe that investigation into the psychological conditions associated with seasickness is necessary and has not yet been addressed by published research. (The physiological effects of the body when falling ill or under-recovery are much better documented).


Testimonial wording

We have kept the testimonials as original as possible so some allowance should be made for idiosyncratic language and grammar.

We have over 90 testimonials for See-LEVEL.. Please feel free to download and browse through our PDF Testimonials document

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