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Defence Forces edition

In 2020 See-LEVEL partnered with SPIIND Defence & Maritime and together developed a special version of the headset, designed to meet the demanding needs of Defence.


Exclusively available from SPIIND the defence version of the headset comprises a range of unique features:

  • Sunproof lenses

  • Ruggedised construction to meet military standard drop test requirements

  • Communications security

  • IP3 Waterproofing

  • Ability to integrate with ships instruments


Since than the headset has been successfully trialed by a wide range of Navy’s, Army’s  and Coast Guards worldwide and orders are now forthcoming, with a NATO stock number to be assigned.
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Exhibiting at the recent Indo Pacific International Maritime Exposition in Australia, interest in SPIIND's Virtual Reality Sea Sickness Remedy was high from international navy's, coast guards and commercial operators alike. SPIIND also announced further developments of the technology providing integration with on board ships systems such as Navigation and also versions to address motion sickness in the land and air domains.

Land Forces.jpg
SPI Headset Front.jpeg

SPIIND Sea Sickness Remedy now comes complete with an upgraded waterproof case and the Headset is also now available with an IP3 rating providing protection against direct sprays of water up to 60 degrees from the vertical.

With more and more defence forces and coast guards evaluating the units, with many having successfully completed their trials, orders are now coming in and we expect a NATO stock number to be issued any day.

Dame Annette King, High Commissioner of New Zealand to Australia visits the SPIIND stand at Indo Pacific International Maritime Expo 2022, where SPIIND exhibited its Sea Sickness VR Remedy, which launched at Land Forces in 2021, continues to gain huge interest across the world.

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