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A life changing event 

I have gotten seasick for as long as I can remember. I get nauseous in every moving vehicle (except planes) unless I am the one driving it. On the ferry, I must be seated in the direction of the movement to tolerate it for a short time but I ultimately, still get sick.

In my experience, the only effective way to fight seasickness is medication. My biggest problem with taking pills is that they tend to make me sleepy beyond the point of control. Of course, if I have to choose between feeling sick to the point of vomiting or sleeping - the choice is easy.

I learned about See-level in a most unusual way. My boss invited me to join her and some other colleagues for a business trip on a 46m motorsailor for two days. I was excited, if a little nervous, but was convinced that my focus on work would overcome the nausea. The yacht, being a decent size, would also mean less movement and more stability. (Un)fortunately, that weekend the weather was bad, so instead of cruising, we were tied side-to the dock in the marina. The boat was bouncing up and down and swinging like crazy.

As my boss was introducing me to others, I was just trying to keep my posture and catch my breath. In the very first moments, I made my peace and already decided there was no chance I could stay on the boat. I thought I’d do my best to endure it for half and hour, then excuse myself and go and find a hotel to stay in. The boat was rocking and swinging so hard that I knew the only way to keep my lunch was to take anti-sick medication which would put me straight to sleep - unacceptable for a business trip. By that point, I gave up hope that my excitement and emotions would allow me to overcome the seasickness.

Then my boss offered me See-Level Virtual Reality goggles. To fight my nausea? While the boat is rocking and swinging? No chance. I thought she was mad and to be honest, I only agreed to try them because it was the first time I’d met my boss and I didn’t want to offend her! I tried to stall as she explained to me that I’d have to lie down while wearing them. The very idea of laying down, in the cabin, with no fresh air while I could feel the movements was terrifying. I was convinced I would throw up beside the bed. However, since I could barely keep a straight face (at this point I’d been on board for approximately half an hour) my boss insisted I try them.

I laid down, put on the VR goggles, and started to watch a nature picture of a lake with some mountains and trees behind. I was hoping for the 15 minutes to pass as quickly as possible so I could stand up and get some air. While watching and listening to the background music, I was still feeling sick then all of a sudden, I realized that something was different. As time passed, I felt almost comfortable.

My boss came to take me back upstairs where everyone was gathering over drinks. The boat was still rocking, swinging and moving and I could feel those movements, but I didn't feel sick. My stomach was fine. I cannot explain it! I was drinking; ate a 3-course meal and still didn't feel sick to my stomach. All the while the boat was rocking! It is amazing! In the past, I literally would have had to disembark.

While trying the Sea level, I must stress that I never felt the switch moment nor I could feel stages of change. However, the end result was unbelievable.
This blew my mind! I could be completely present during the whole night and participate in all that was happening. None of which I could do if I took pills - I would either be sleeping or fighting the surreal urge to sleep - what a way to leave a good impression on a business trip. This is a game-changer! Absolutely amazing! 

Vessel Omnia. Testemonial from CharterWorld August 2023

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