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Custom case for multiple headsets including charging

Custom case for multiple headsets including charging


Introducing our robust waterproof case, designed to provide maximum protection and convenient storage for your See-LEVEL headsets. This case features three storage trays and a watertight seal to ensure the safety of your equipment in any environment.

  • Storage Capacity: The top two trays are specifically designed for storing headsets, while the lower tray is allocated for our multi-charger.
  • Capacity: The case can accommodate up to 9 headsets and comes equipped with our multi-charge adapter and charging cables.
  • Ventilation: Please note that the case is non-ventilated, so headsets can only be charged when the case is open. Ventilation can be added if waterproofing is not required.
  • Ideal Usage: Perfect for multi-passenger situations, this case allows for easy and efficient distribution of fully charged headsets with minimal effort.
  • This waterproof case is the ideal solution for ensuring your See-LEVEL headsets are always ready for use, no matter the conditions.
  • Power Options: Includes a 110V or 240V USB multi-charger for versatile charging needs
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