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See-LEVEL is a patented breakthrough solution that harnesses the power of virtual reality to alleviate the symptoms of seasickness. 


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Companion Edition.

Ideal for instant relief at sea

The See-LEVEL Companion Edition alleviates seasickness, fast, through the power of virtual reality.

Developed in New Zealand and tested in Antarctic waters, it offers proven relief in minutes.

The See-LEVEL Companion is easy and intuitive to use. Once seasickness has subsided (usually in less than 10 minutes) you’re free to remove the headset and enjoy the boat again.

Small, lightweight, portable. Provides up to two hours of treatment on a single charge. Ideal for day trips or shorter journeys
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I was plagued by seasickness...

See-LEVEL founder Dudley Jackson’s history with the sea drove him to find a simple and effective seasickness solution.

With dreams of bringing up his two children sailing around the Pacific, he sold his home and moved the family onboard a 40-foot yacht. Within days he realised his dream was impossible – Dudley was among the one in four people prone to seasickness.

The family cut their trip to six months amongst New Zealand’s calmer inshore waters, but Dudley’s mind kept racing.

“I thought, if Virtual Reality could have such a powerful effect on the brain that it caused motion sickness, what would happen if things were reversed – could VR remove seasickness just as quickly?”


Tested in the worst waters of the world

We've been able to give the product a really extensive testing thanks to our friends at Heritage Expeditions, a family-owned Christchurch expedition cruise company. Their guests have been trialing them aboard Spirit of Enderby, a purpose-built expedition vessel, while exploring the Southern Ocean.

See-LEVEL has been developed in New Zealand which is surrounded by some of the most dangerous oceans found.
The Southern Ocean is the most unforgiving and storm-prone ocean in the world. And it’s on our doorstep.

Our early adopter clients have done thousands of miles at sea with See-LEVEL. From Cook Straight, through the roaring forties on to the furious fifties and right down to Antarctica, See-LEVEL has provided welcome relief for many in the harshest conditions imaginable.

Does See-LEVEL really work?

Does See-LEVEL really work?

That’s the first question on many people’s minds, and one we’ve answered through rigorous testing and research. In 2020 we commissioned a study to assess how effective See-LEVEL was at reducing seasickness.

Key findings included:

  • 80% of participants found that See-LEVEL reduced their seasickness symptoms

  • Nausea was the symptom with the greatest improvement

  • The average nausea relief was a drop from 4 to 1.6, on a scale from 1-5 (with 5 being vomiting and 1 being normal)

  • Low levels of nausea were achieved after just 7.6 minutes of wearing the headset

    The graph opposite shows the before and after results from the volunteer feedback questionairs.

TV3 Documentary on See-LEVEL

Ready to turn a dream into a reality, Dudley Jackson spent two years doing up his boat, before he and his wife sold the house, packed up the kids and the family dog, and set off with plans to sail the world. 

It sounds like something out of a movie, and you would think once on board the only thing you might have to worry about is sharks and the odd giant wave. 

But for Jackson, an unexpected obstacle got in the way - seasickness. 

After getting out into choppy waters, he realised he was among the quarter of the population who suffers from seasickness: a debilitating condition for someone hoping to spend his life on the water. 

But it was one day when his son showed him a virtual reality (VR) headset the two worlds collided and sparked an idea that would go on to change his life...

This See-LEVEL documentary was aired on TV3 March 2021