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Your breakthrough seasickness solution

See-LEVEL is a breakthrough solution that harnesses the power of Virtual Reality to alleviate seasickness. 

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Companion Edition

Ideal for instant relief at sea

The See-LEVEL 'Companion'  is a virtual reality solution to alleviate seasickness, fast.

Developed in New Zealand and tested on ships visiting as far afield as Antarctica.

Designed to be easy to use when you get overcome by seasickness.

Simply turn and sit back. No setup or technical experience is required.

The small lightweight fully portable version gives up to two hours of treatment on a single charge. Ideal for shorter journeys at sea.

$1495 NZD  

I was plagued by seasickness...

Jackson’s own history with the sea provided powerful motivation to pursue our idea. With dreams of bringing up his children sailing around the Pacific, he sold his home, and moved the family, including two kids and a dog, onboard a 40-foot yacht. But he soon realized he was among the 25%of the population prone to seasickness, and the trip shortened to six months spent mostly sailing calmer New Zealand inshore waters

“I thought, if Virtual Reality could have such a powerful effect on the mind and often causing motion sickness, what would happen if we reversed some of the headset’s engineering and the situation where it’s used?"

"Could VR remove seasickness just as quickly? - the answer is Yes, it can" Says Dudley Jackson, founder of See-LEVEL


Tested in the worst waters of the world

"If it can work in the furious fifties then it can work anywhere"

See-LEVEL has been developed in New Zealand which is surrounded by some of the most dangerous oceans found. See-LEVEL has been across the Cook Streight, Through the roaring forties on to the furious fifties down to Antarctica.

The Southern Ocean is the most unforgiving and storm-prone ocean in the world, and it's on our doorstep.

Our early adopter clients have done thousands of miles at sea with See-LEVEL aboard giving relief for many in the harshest of conditions.

Will it work for me?

Have a look at our research..

A 10 week on water trial was undertaken and the report was commissioned in conjunction with Callaghan Innovations.  Feb '21

"See-LEVEL reduced the symptoms of seasickness after wearing the device. Our test group showed significant drops in every questioned symptom common with seasickness, with the biggest drop being in nausea going from 4 to 1.56 with 5 being vomiting and 1 being normal."

"Heart rate data further backed up the findings from the questionnaire with significant decreases in heart rate of 15 BPM after See-LEVEL was applied to the participants. The combination of the results from the questionnaire and heart rate data helps determine that See-LEVEL is effective at reducing the effects of Seasickness."

Mitchell Davis - On water researcher at See-LEVEL 


Have the confidence to go to sea

See-LEVEL Companion edition

Enabling the wonders of sea travel to be a pleasurable experience.

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