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Your breakthrough seasickness solution

Revolutionizing Seasickness Relief with Virtual Reality: Instant Relief in Under 12 Minutes


Seasickness Relief with Confidence: Patented, Proven, and Trusted Worldwide – No Side Effects

Fast Relief from Seasickness

Profesional IP67 Waterproof Case

12 Month Return to Dealer Warranty

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We took several brave volunteers out on the water to get them seasick; we even provided magazines to really get their stomachs churning.

Then we suited up our volunteers with See-LEVEL headset to fight off the seasickness, the outcome was truly remarkable!

Published: 09/11/2023

What the world is saying about us:

“Within a few minutes with the headset on symptoms dissipated by about 80% and after a few more minutes I could enjoy the movement without the headset and the anxiety of getting worse went away."

Margaret, P

Seasickness is a condition that affects some individuals when they are on a boat or ship. It is believed to be caused by a conflict between the sensory inputs received by the brain.

The inner ear contains fluid-filled canals that detect motion and changes in position, and when you're on a boat, the motion of the vessel causes the fluid in the inner ear to move, sending signals to the brain that indicate movement.

Other sensory systems, like the eyes, may not detect the same motion or may provide conflicting signals, leading to sensory conflict that may confuse the brain.

This mismatch of sensory information can disrupt the brain's normal processes, resulting in the symptoms of seasickness, including nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and general discomfort.

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