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1. Your 30-day evaluation period begins from the moment the See-LEVEL headset is delivered to your doorstep. We're giving you a full month to enjoy seasickness-free adventures, ensuring you have ample time to see the results for yourself.

2. This evaluation is limited to three or fewer headsets. If you are evaluating See-LEVEL for a large vessel or fleet of vessels, we will guide you through our onboarding process to ensure that See-LEVEL is fit for your specific situation before deploying a larger quantity.

3. If the headset is designed to be shared among passengers or crew, we kindly request that you evaluate its effectiveness on at least three individuals, as a small percentage of users may not respond to the treatment.

4. What's Not Covered: We stand behind our product, but there are a few exclusions. Please note that the guarantee does not include: (a) Reimbursement for any freight charges or customs tariffs you may have incurred. (b) Transaction fees, such as those from Stripe, Swift payments, or PayPal. 

5. The refund will be issued at the current exchange rate when the headset is received by See-LEVEL.

6. Any refund will be processed back through the same banking system that was used for the original payment.

7. Condition Matters: To be eligible for the guarantee, the headset must be returned in as-new condition, excluding the packaging. This means no water damage, scratches, or marks on the device. In particular, the screen must be free from any signs of sun damage, as this can render the unit inoperable.

8. The Refund Process: Once we receive the returned headset, our team will process your refund within 7 days. Rest assured, we value your satisfaction and will ensure a smooth and efficient process.

9. While the 30-day trial period covers the time you have the product in your possession, it does not include shipping times for the return. These shipping times may vary and can take 10 days or more. This time does not come off your 30-day evaluation.

10. With See-LEVEL, you can explore the seas without worry, knowing you have the assurance of our 100% money-back guarantee. Join us on this journey to transform your seasickness experiences.

Share Your Insights: At See-LEVEL, we're continuously striving to improve our product. When you return your headset, we invite you to participate in our Research and Development efforts. Your valuable insights can help us enhance the See-LEVEL experience for all users.

Your 30-Day Evaluation


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